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A doctorate degree, Ph.D is the highest degree that is awarded after verifying a student's mastery over a subject. It demonstrates a student's ability to perform and present erudite research. This creative research is known as the doctoral / Ph.D thesis or dissertation. Distance Learning Ph.D / Doctorate or Online Doctorate / PhD degree programs are usually more professional than academic in nature and are based on the research work.
A number of universities offer custom designed Doctorate / Ph.D in full time or part time basis. Admission to a Doctoral program or PhD is usually based on a student's educational record with a bachelor and master's degree. Ph.D & Doctorate courses usually demand a considerable amount of experience in the specific field. Some institutions do not insist on a master's degree, if a student demonstrates relevant proficiency. Universities offer Ph.D & Doctorate programs in a number of disciplines such as applied management, business management, human resources, psychology and medicine. Most universities grant tuition waivers and stipends for up to four years. There is usually no entrance exam for Candidate with Net qualification.

Students that decide to enroll in Doctorate/Ph.D programs full time, Part time Ph.D or Distance Learning Ph.D have access to several resources to carry on there Research .

Beginning a Doctorate program is a very big decision. Not only does it cost money, but you're making a very large time commitment as well. The sheer fact that you're considering this commitment suggests that you already have a very busy lifestyle. Generally a Doctorate candidate would be required to travel to the university/college to gain access to the best doctorate program in their field. This could mean taking leave from work and you family. However with today's modern education technologies Doctorate candidates can search for a program on the Internet. our Doctorate/PHD programs that are available today are  fully accredited with Intenational & Indian Universities and come with all the prestige that a Doctorate deserves.

Ph.D and doctrorate

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Prospectus Fee : Rs. 500 /-
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Fee Per Sem*

PHD/DMS (Doctorate in Management Studies)

Duration : 4 Sem 2 Year(s)

Minimum Qualification Masters / Post Graduate/ 4 year Bachelors

Fees Per Semester : Rs.73000/-


Duration : 2 Sem 1 Year(s)

Minimum Qualification Ph.D

Fees Per Semester : Rs.66000/-

D.LIT (Doctorate of Literature)

Duration : 2 Sem 1 Year(s)

Minimum Qualification Ph.D

Fees Per Semester : Rs.71000/-

* Fee and Course contents may have been revised since we last updated this page
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