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provides simplified process for international education, learning and relocation services by connecting students with universities and global community on a single platform. The platform enables students to explore options to study anywhere in the world, while empowering education providers to market and recruit global students.

We are based in Delhi and provide immigration consultancy and Guidence that offers one stop solution to all queries. With over 10+ year of experience we came with a motive to be evolved out as the most reputed immigration consultants of India.

With Quick response and Best Student oriented approach we are emerging out as renowned immigration consultants with strong focus on customer support and exclusive visa assistance services.

As world is becoming Global Village and boundaries are shrinking , we at IIMPS Immigration is building a global community Of people, students and partner, to catalyze world citizenship. As pioneers in global education, we are finding innovative ideas to leverage the existing structure of services, and re-igniting our business model to help transform individuals and businesses in the backdrop of a borderless world.

iimps immigration

About us

IIMPS Immigration based in Delhi is an immigration consultancy that offers one stop solution to all the migration related queries. With over 12 years of experience and thousands of satisfied students our motive is to be evolved out as the most reputed immigration consultants of India, in the years to come.

We are emerging out as renowned immigration consultants due to our strong customer support by integrating innovative technology to leverage the existing structure and exclusive visa assistance services. Currently, our network is expanding into the pan India.

If you choose us as your immigration consultant, you will gain exclusive benefits:

  • High end Immigration services
  • Strict Privacy Policy to Safguard Your private and professional information
  • Quick and Accurate secured information
  • Highly trained and responsive staff that offers adequate and quick services
  • Professional Reports and advice that leads to higher chances of success

IIMPS Immigration based in Delhi , provides visa assistance to the individuals who wish to move to the top countries of the world like Germany , Australia, Canada, UK, USA, and New Zealand on permanent resident visa. After successful victory of IIMPS Institute in association with Indian Universities, we planned to open IIMPS Immigration. IIMPS Institute has been providing student Education services from last 12 years and has thousands of satisfied students studying all around the world. And now, we are going to fulfill the desires of those people who wish to migrate abroad for International Education, Business visa, tourist Visa and permanent residency. Our motive is to provide superlative and quality services to all applicants seeking immigration to the different parts of the world.

We caters with professional advice in all matters related to immigration. We work for the overall happiness of the people and our mission is to become the most reputed and legal immigration consultants of India. The success stories of our clients can be read or viewed at our site.

Our Professional Team direct you towards the most appropriate path that leads to successful and bright future. Holding satisfying experience as study visa consultants, we wish to provide much better and enhanced services as immigration consultants in coming years. We are committed to offer complete customer care services to the people who are willing to immigrate or settle in the foreign countries- Covering Europe, USA, UK, Australia, New Zealand and Canada as permanent residents.

IIMPS immigration assist Indian skilled professionals who desire to shift to different places across the world. We provide you the reliable guidance in a legal manner and assure the success. Our well trained and supportive staff promises to give the exclusive services that are fair, reasonable and efficient as well.

It is possible to earn Permanent residency PR of Australia , New Zealand,USA, UK, Canada and Euorpe from India. Live in any of these countries and enjoy all the benefits as a permanent resident of the country by gaining its PR visa. With the guidance of IIMPS immigration one can apply for different categories of Permanent Resident Visa like:

  1. Skilled Immigration Visa to Australia
  2. Skilled Immigration to Canada
  3. Business Immigration Visa to north America
  4. Family Immigration Visa
  5. Business Immigration Visa to Australia
  6. Investor Immigration Category Visa or EB-5 Category Visa to USA
  7. Company Transfer Visa or L-1 Visa to USA
  8. Business entrepreneur Immigration Visa to New Zealand and United Kingdom

Our values


IIMPS Immigration, is obsessed with student-interest, unconditionally. We never drive our agenda. We are upfront and transparent. IIMPS Immigration focus on eliminating friction. In conversations, technology and experiences.


At IIMPS Immigration, we understand our responsibility in shaping confident, impactful cosmopolitans of the future. We believe we play a small but significant role and we do so with the highest standards and integrity. Because we are style, not flash.


IIMPS Immigration is ambitious, confident and international. We are here to challenge the status quo. We are a bunch of enthusiasts who work with agility to pre-empt the needs of our customers. We are perpetual learners, hungry to know more. About our students, universities and industry.


At IIMPS Immigration, we are one. We have a vision, and each of us, like a cog in the wheel contribute to it at every level. We are global. We are inclusive. IIMPS Immigration just like our students, are cosmopolitans.

Experienced Staff

Our team members possess more than 10 years of experience in this domain. They are very quick and efficient with full knowledge of immigration, visa processing and other related fields.

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