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A higher doctorate, namely a Doctor of Laws, Doctor of Literature or Doctor of Science, Doctor of Management may be awarded to a candidate who has successfully presented for examination a collection of work, or a specially composed thesis based on such work, which constitutes an original, substantial and distinguished contribution to scholarship and establishes the candidate as an international authority in the particular field of study.



An applicant for a higher doctorate:

a. Must be a Ph.D from the University & / or have some other significant academic association with the University / College

b. Degree from university or for a qualification considered by the Academic Board to be equivalent,

 Must be submitting work which is related to the current teaching and research expertise to the University.

An application must be submitted to the Postgraduate Research Committee

a. A copy of the work on which the application is based

b. A short discussion on the nature of the work,

A statutory declaration which states:

a. In the case of co-authored work, the name(s) of the co-author(s) and the nature and extent of the applicant's particular contribution to the work

b. The details of any other qualification for which the work, in whole or part, has been submitted.


Ph.D and doctrorate

Course Details

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Prospectus Fee : Rs. 500 /-
Registration Fee : Rs. 5000/-

Course Name


Fee Per Sem*

PHD/DMS (Doctorate in Management Studies)

Duration : 4 Sem 2 Year(s)

Minimum Qualification Masters / Post Graduate/ 4 year Bachelors

Fees Per Semester : Rs.73000/-


Duration : 2 Sem 1 Year(s)

Minimum Qualification Ph.D

Fees Per Semester : Rs.66000/-

D.LIT (Doctorate of Literature)

Duration : 2 Sem 1 Year(s)

Minimum Qualification Ph.D

Fees Per Semester : Rs.71000/-

* Fee and Course contents may have been revised since we last updated this page
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